My Element Is…

With my soul mate

on a candlelit date

not caring how late

of a perfect night we create.

Snuggled in bed

laptop glowing at my head

surrounded by art

furry snout snoring over my heart.

Perfect horse rides

under clear skies

Trailing alongside fireflies

Scaling mountain highs.  

The Call

Clinging to the receiver,
All my hopes in one hand,
Listening for an answer,
Listening for an answer.

A moment of silence.

“Can’t you stop calling?”
A rush of blood;
Leaving you in suspense,
Living on your fear.

Writing Prompt #197

“I don’t want this anymore.”

r/SimplePrompts -“I don’t want this anymore.”

“I don’t want this anymore.”

Scared to open my closet door.

Turning sideways to cross my room.

Because I wanted to be

good at that, or try something new

a decade ago.

As if I could course correct

my life with the things I’ve kept.

Because “some day” is still possible?

My possessions

serve as lessons

against impulsiveness.

I ache to throw it all away,

but I’m stopped by the weight

of the fortune I turned into a mess.

How fortunate for it

that I’ve come to value, value

over my own comfort.

When will I own up to my own objects?

When will I have the guts to reject

the pressures they represent?

How do I say all of this in a classified ad,

or bottle it into a vaccine

against buying anything ever again?