We Just Need to Learn to Relax

I made it out to the stable. Max and I toodled around with a bunch of pint-sized kids while they took a group lesson. My brain doesn’t want to give me any credit for it being a chill ride. I just fed a vampire yesterday, and Aunt Flo showed up this morning, so I was about as slow as I could go. Max had some weird pink thing going on in the corner of his eye, and he was squinting a little bit, so he might have been in a slow frame of mind, too.

I made up a mantra for us and repeated it the entire ride.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Max; We just need to learn to relax. 

I kept him going in circles, over poles, and around cones. I didn’t let us get into any pulling matches. If he started charging ahead, I just told him “and walk.” I’ve been told by more than a few people that making him walk instead of trot is a reward, a way to get out of work, but this horse wants to zoom! It’s worth a shot. 

Time flew by; that’s how you know it’s a great ride. I wanted to stay on forever! I had to be fair to Max since he was chill and stayed with me so well. He looked proud of himself and more confident. He didn’t give me any of his little nervous nibbles.

He had Twizzlers for the first time today. Maybe it was just Twizzlers magic?

A good ride is a good ride. I’ll take it!

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