I didn’t fall off!!!

Wednesdays are lesson days. I thought we were ready for our lesson. I couldn’t ride as much during the week because I felt sick to my stomach, but the couple rides I had were pretty good. Last night, Max and I were able to trot over a pole, circle back, trot over, circle, trot over, with nary a blink.

Today, we went OVER the pole and landed with a great little canter. I am not ready to canter, no sir, please just keep at the trot. I threw my hands and legs in every wrong direction possible and started yelling, “HELP ME!” I’ve cantered Max twice, involuntarily, and both times were a disaster. To be fair, I’ve snuck in two or three strides when I felt confident and headed straight at a wall, but nothing serious. My trainer saved me. She took over the brain operating. I just did what she said, and whew, everything slowed down and was O-K.

She didn’t make us do anything else after that. We walked around and over poles forever, then she had us give her another trot. Max’s trot was extended, fast, and bouncy today. If I asked him to slow it down, he would go from full speed to barely moving. I would have taken the barely moving, but he didn’t want to stay there. I tried to just slow my post, but the pep in his step just sent my butt straight up the moon.

My brain has tried to overthink this all day, but it just felt like an off day. We just need to keep practicing, and breathing, and practicing breathing. I didn’t fall off, and that’s good enough!

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