“I don’t want this anymore.”

r/SimplePrompts -“I don’t want this anymore.”

“I don’t want this anymore.”

Scared to open my closet door.

Turning sideways to cross my room.

Because I wanted to be

good at that, or try something new

a decade ago.

As if I could course correct

my life with the things I’ve kept.

Because “some day” is still possible?

My possessions

serve as lessons

against impulsiveness.

I ache to throw it all away,

but I’m stopped by the weight

of the fortune I turned into a mess.

How fortunate for it

that I’ve come to value, value

over my own comfort.

When will I own up to my own objects?

When will I have the guts to reject

the pressures they represent?

How do I say all of this in a classified ad,

or bottle it into a vaccine

against buying anything ever again?

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