Miklem Bridle & Myler Bit Magic

This is a post from my horseforum.com thread that I started when I got Max. I’m so lucky the forum is still around and I was able to go back and add it to Lipizzan Life.

Winter has taught me a valuable lesson – get out to the stable, no matter what the roads or skies or temperature is like. I lost two weeks of riding because I didn’t go out for a week during the snowstorm, and then my horse had to be trained for the following week to get the heebie jeebies out of his system. URGH. I type this now as I look out the window at vertical winds. 

I did get out and ride yesterday. My horse was awesome. AWESOME! He’s been cantering in the chambone for a week of training. He kept his lightness on the bit that we had before winter got in the way of our training. I sitting trotted all the way around our large jumping arena without a single bit of tension or attitude. 

I used my birthday money earlier this month to get some horse goodies. I got a micklem bridle, a myler stage 2 bit and fleece lined brushing boots. Did I post about that already? 

I also attacked my saddle with a brush and soap awhile back. It turned from a beaten up looking hand me down into a sleek, velveteen suede beauty. I’m definitely going to stick with this saddle instead of spending 4k+ on some new fandangled shishi toy. 

Today was the first day I really got to ride Max in his Micklem bridle and new stage 2 myler bit. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting anything different. I figured I was just spending money to get the latest fad and my horse would just roll his eyes and do what he normally does. I had a TOTALLY different feel with the new tack!!! I hooked up the micklem option bit – to – noseband clip, which keeps the bit from smashing around inside his mouth. He has always been a little diva when it comes to putting anything on his face and in his mouth. Flashback to two years ago when we tried the “yes ma’am” bit on him and found out that it was in fact the “no way nuhun never ma’am” bit. We even had to put him in a martingale because of his head tossing. Riding him was a constant yank this way, then that way, then suck in past the vertical…

Anyways, none of that anymore. He FEELS so relaxed in his new tack. He stretches out to rest into it and stays there. No more tossing his head here and there, nope, just a very simple flowing synergy. Like I said, I wasn’t expecting there to be any difference, but oh boy there sure turned out to be a big one!

I bought the cob size because the reviews said it had much better leather. I do love the leather! It just fits him on the biggest setting. I was kind of bummed that my friends couldn’t try it on their “normal” sized horses, but hey, it looks great and it fits and … it works! YESSS! 

I feel so much safer riding him in the new tack because he isn’t fussing constantly. Now I just need to get out and ride more … despite the weather…

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