The Sore Magician

This is a post from my thread that I started when I got Max. I’m so lucky the forum is still around and I was able to go back and add it to Lipizzan Life.

I am soooooooooooo sore!

I think I posted correctly, for the first time ever, because I was clearly able to direct the tempo of our trrRRRRRoT at the expense of my muscles. Instead of rhythmically flopping down into the saddle and getting bounced up, I got bounced up and settled into the saddle with PAINFUL muscle engagement and control along the way. Max thoroughly enjoyed my newfound self torture and gave me the slooooowww e s t collected trot I have ever had with him and spaghetti noodle contact. 

After a few rounds of that, I figured my muscles couldn’t take much more, and moved on to sitting trot practice. 

I have to add that the past two days of trying-my-patience-to-the-Maximas paid off beautifully. I have officially mastered the art of wrist-flick-snatchette and can nip his snarkiness right in the snar-.

Remember how I have been having magic trots with Max, the past week? This was a trot moment. The magic was there, but it wasn’t one that seemed like the heavens were opening and blessing me with a special gift. Instead, it felt regular and purposeful. I half halted to give him plenty of heads up on everything. I focused on staying connected with a silken thread tension at hands, seat, and leg. 

Our sitting trot felt like we were WORKING. This wasn’t an accidental “oh wow!”; nay, this was a “we are doing this”. It was as if I had turned into a magician that could summon magic moments at any time, instead of a magician’s apprentice that got lucky once in awhile. 

I was able to half halt him during our sitting trots. The movement stayed contained in my hips. I could drive him whichever way I intended with my legs. It was awesome!

My instructor was teaching another lesson and asked if I was wanting to canter, and I told her that was what I had planned for our Tuesday lesson. She also gave me an impressed “Nice, Eve” murmur as I paraded our magician trot in front of her. 

Today was the first ride that I knew I would be ready for shows this year. I had been hoping I would be able to be ready, and trusting that I would be prepared in time with enough practice. I know I need a TON MORE PRACTICE, but the magic is now there and in my grasp. 

My riding instructor found out that they moved National Finals to Illinois, from Kentucky, this year. I honestly don’t know if I could qualify for Nationals in the first place, so I’m not too bummed. I really would like to get that high point breed sheet, but I know that I will get many of those as the years pass, so it’s O.K.! I am still aiming to qualify for and compete at Regionals. It’s held in Georgia at the Olympic Horse Park, which is lovely and grand in enough itself. It will be a real honor to show off my best horse friend there as a climax to our first competition season ever.

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