It’s Spring!

This is a post from my thread that I started when I got Max. I’m so lucky the forum is still around and I was able to go back and add it to Lipizzan Life.

It’s unfair that I haven’t written in my journal since the “HEY GUYS I FELL OFF!” entry. Riding has been going beyond well since then. 

I wasn’t able to ride for a long time because of the winter storms. After over three weeks off, I was happy to be still capable of catching, grooming, and mounting my horse. I still remember the first great struggle of horseback riding — being able to pick out the horse hooves. I remember ranting to myself “I don’t CARE if I EVER get off the lunge line, just let me learn how to make the **** horse pick up his foot and let me pick it out!” (huff puff) Not only was I able to do all of those complicated and potentially life threatening activities, I was also able to trot my wild stallion beast (bored, half asleep, tame from the warm weather teddy bear) !

Maximas deserves his own paragraph. He survived the extended stall confinement of wintery doom. A lot of his herd has been moved out of the pasture as boarders move out. He has a new best friend! Balume is a imported Dutch Warmblood that my trainer is going to show. It’s so great that they get along, since it’s probably going to be the four of us trailering to shows together. I will have to get some videos of them playing. I was at the stable the other day, and saw that the girl was going out to get Balume and Maximas. As soon as they saw her headed out, they started tearing around the pasture, kicking their legs out and twirling around like “WE’RE SO BAD! OH YEA! WE’RE THE BADDEST!” If they could have been high fiving and chest bumping they would have. 

The worst part about Maximas having a friend is that he loves to play. Every time I tack him up, there is a new scrape, or nick, or some other unsightly blemish to his otherwise heavenly grey coat. I’m not too worried about it at this point. 

Before I move on to my riding progress, I wanted to write about my amazing grandma. I had a rough childhood, and my mom did some pretty messed up stuff. One of those things was keep me isolated from my Dad’s family. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I took a big leap against every fearful thing I had been brainwashed with against them when I had to go to my Dad’s funeral. That’s also when I was able to get into riding. He had taken care of me in his final moments and with that I was able to pay for a horse and get started with lessons. So his mom, my grandma, lives an hour and a half away from me. I took my husband and kids to visit with her last weekend. While I was there, out of nowhere, she told me that since she had never been allowed to buy me anything, she wanted to buy me my show outfit. (Minus the coat because my husband’s mom and grandma are actually custom tailoring one for me!) 

Originally she said the boots and helmet, but when I checked back in with her on my shopping progress, she said to get my shirt and breeches and tie and gloves too. I’m still stunned. I’m half afraid that when I come back with everything I’ve picked, she’ll fall over at the price tag, but she seemed pretty encouraging for me to spoil myself. I also want to pick, especially boots and helmet wise, things that will last so I always have her there with me in the show ring. 

I’m still shopping around and picking out things… so, more on that, later.

NOW… for the entire purpose of this journal… on to the riding! 

I’m able to ride Maximas on the bit, in frame, at least 3/4 of the time. There’s moments of bobbling, and heads shooting up, but we recover and get back to correct form. It’s a big difference in my riding. We went from both being locked up and feeding off of each other’s hyper tension, to slowing down and moving with control and power. 

My position is horrible, but I’m learning to get the job done with Maximas. My trainer says that style comes later. I’m just happy that he’s not running away with me the entire time, and I’m not torturing his mouth the entire time. 

We still haven’t cantered, beyond the “HEY GUYS I FELL OFF!” Now that I can do a walk to trot transition without losing him, I’m starting to feel like the canter is going to happen soon. That’s a good thing, because I really want to go to a show this year, especially once I get my snazzy show outfit all done!

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