Uhh, is Your Horse Supposed to be Doing That?

This is a post from my horseforum.com thread that I started when I got Max. I’m so lucky the forum is still around and I was able to go back and add it to Lipizzan Life.

I’ll post more videos and pictures, as soon as I can bribe my husband into coming out to the money pit (stable) to take them while I ride. 

 I’ve had an impressive string of breakthroughs in my riding, lately! I haven’t cantered Max yet, but I’ve learned to sit his trot, and I am starting to get him round and on the bit. 

I’ll also be posting pictures and videos of the National Dressage Finals this weekend. I’m so psyched to go! 

I wanted to tell a funny story that happened tonight at the stable. I arrived during dinner/bedtime. As I walked by Max’s stall, I saw it standing ajar and assumed he was still out playing with the boys. I walked past it and asked one of the working students if the barn owner would be in tonight, so I could give her my board check. Mid sentence, her jaw dropped open and she stared past me, and then asked “uhh is your horse supposed to be doing that?” I spun just in time to see Max, snuggled into his blanket, calmly zigzagging between stalls to clean out the feed buckets. The girl mucking out stalls dashed past us and yanked his head out of the bucket while we were all immobilized in fits of laughter. I mean, really, he had just come from his stall and walked into another, so I doubt he got more than a mouthful of feed out of the excursion; but, it was just soooo hilarious!!!

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