First Day!

This is a post from my thread that I started when I got Max. I’m so lucky the forum is still around and I was able to go back and add it to Lipizzan Life.

Part 1

He arrived yesterday. I hung out with him in the grass by the barn while they got a stall ready. (They had been really busy all day) I was really happy to be the person to get to say “hey this is your new home”. I talked to him softly about whatever I could think of and said his new name a lot. Then when his stall was done I just hung out by it and scratched his mane and petted on him when he came over. 

I came to the barn this morning and hung out by his stall again while they brought in horses. His previous owner showed me how much he loved the base of his tail being scratched. So when he swung his butt around while I was petting on him, it kind of took me a minute but I realized he was saying “hey you know what I like!”. It was so funny scritching on his tail because he started wagging he whole butt back and forth. 

After all the horses had come in, they took him out to the pasture. I would have done it but I was snapping pictures anyway. He wandered to the other end of the pasture, nosed at the other horses over the fence a little, and then came running back to me. My trainer came over and said “you have to back up from the fence because he wants to be with you and he needs to go run and eat some grass”. So of course inside I was like “he likes me! *fawn*” I took pictures and some videos from afar. He kept trying to play with the other horses over the fence. He rolled in the dust. He ate here and there. I got a really amazing video of him charging up the field and coming to a stop at his full glory and whinnying out to the horses in the stable. It looked like something out of a fantasy movie. 

When I went back up to the gate, he pretty much came running up to me again so my trainer had me put his halter on to bring him in. Then she asked if I wanted to walk him around the outdoor ring. Ya of course! 

I could tell he had had quite the day so far so I put him back in his stall to chill and eat hay and maybe take a nap. (he yawned a couple times ya know) 

I’m going to go by later when the entire barn isn’t there messing around with their horses so I can brush him and walk him around the indoor ring. I do feel like we are bonding already. I’m getting a feeling for his personality (playful, wants to be looked at, but noble and just generally awesome).

I’m glad I have my trainer there to guide me. He was giving me Eskimo kisses, rubbing his nose on mine, and she said “he could bite your nose off!”. I was like uhh yea he can yikes! And she also showed me the right way to lead him around so it’s safe. 

My trainer was telling people as they came in “yea she just got him yesterday, he’s a Lipizzaner” and they were all “ooo, ahh”. One little girl asked her mom what a Lipizzaner was and her mom told her “oh honey it’s those horses that stand up on their back legs and dance” hehe

Part 2

I came back to the stable tonight at dinner/night night time. As soon as he heard me walk in and say hi to him he came up to his stall door and said hi to me! He rubbed up alongside the door and arched his head down so I could scratch along his neck. He had his leg all cocked and happy. I took him to the indoor arena and walked him around both ways. I made sure to walk him like my trainer said with his head alongside me so I could see him. I talked to him the whole time, but I would say “whoa” randomly and stop. He was a really good boy and stopped as soon as I said Woah. After we walked around awhile I took him back to the stable to brush him. He wasn’t too sure about the concreted grooming station. Since I was alone in the stable right then (staff were there but out in the field) I didn’t try any amazing training, I just took him to a less intimidating station that was on the regular dirt floor. I brushed him and put some ointment on the scratches he had from playing around at his old home. Then I gave him a treat for being such a good boy and put him back with fresh water and hay. I really feel like we are getting to know each other really well! My trainer says we should wait until after I own him to ride, because he hasn’t been wearing shoes and the soles of his feet are on the ground. He has good feet so she says we won’t put shoes on him unless we have to, and then it would probably just be front shoes. But anyway, I’ll have lots of time to get to know how to work with him from the ground before we go to riding. I like taking it slow and careful.

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